Where to Store Those Big Boys Toys!


Boats, caravans Jet Skis and other Recreational Vehicles offer loads of enjoyment, especially if you love at the coast or love exploring this amazing country. But in today’s modern concentrated cities where space is at a premium owning them can be difficult due to space constraints municipal bylaws, extreme weather conditions and the ever-present threat of vandalism or theft all pose challenges for all owners.

While they offer many benefits, as an owner you must also address the vehicle’s storage, safety, accessibility and maintenance.

Store it for More Summer Fun for your Holiday

There are many benefits to hiring a storage space for your caravan or boat, advantages that will outweigh some of the inherent challenges. Whether you spend time on the water or the open road, by choosing a storage unit that best accommodates your big toy, you can put more energy into the fun, and less into the logistics.

So why caravan storage? 

Using a self-storage facility to safely secure your prized possession is far easier and less costly than you might think.

  • Benefit #1: Preventing Damage or Theft

A recreational vehicle is a costly investment. For this reason, security is a top priority, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve in a garage or driveway. Not to mention trying to store it indoors and trying to protect it from the elements if you live in a complex.

Another popular activity for criminals is vandalism. Whether these individuals intend to steal parts, damage, destroy or graffiti your property you want to take those opportunities away from them.

Most self-storage facilities offer you premium security—a combination of electronic pass-code entry systems, security cameras, fencing, unit alarms and on-duty management personnel to keep both you and your property safe.

In addition, you can ask about storing your vehicle indoors or under cover to help protect against environmental elements that can cause rust or other damage to your Caravan.

  • Benefit #2: Free Up Space at Home

Caravans require significant storage space that the average person does not have available in his or her garage, yard or driveway. By utilizing a storage facility that offers vehicle-sized storage units, you’ll not only free up space at home, but you will have the added benefit of extra space in your unit for tools, equipment and accessories.

  • Benefit #3: Convenient and Affordable Access

Many housing complexes today do not permit caravans, trailers or even boats to be stored or even visible in front or side yard areas—and are usually accompanied by a violation and fine.

A local self-storage facility can save you money in the long run, and ensure you know at all times where your prized possession is..

  • Benefit #4: Piece of mind

What could me more attractive than piece of mind, knowing you can sleep soundly without the risk of a thief being right outside their home eying their campervan or caravan?

  • Benefit #5: Saving you Money

Apart from the consideration of theft, many insurers look at the potential for damage from falling trees or other physical damage that could occur by parking your vehicle in the driveway or in the backyard.

Something to consider if you are still unsure if the expense is worth it.

  • Benefit #6: Access

Accessing Think Secure self-storage facility at your leisure is a welcome addition to having it safe and secure. We can make arrangements for 24/7 access ensuring you always have access when you want it. This also gives you ample time for customers to drop off, pick up or visit their caravan or campervan. Plus, we don’t just do caravan storage. We also offer boat storage, car storage, regular self-storage and mobile storage. Whatever your storage needs, we can help.

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