If you’ve ever wished that Cape Town had a secure storage facility on par with the tombs and vaults found in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark or Men in Black, where all manner of treasured items are securely held and kept safe from prying eyes, you’re in luck; Think Secure Storage in Parklands, Cape Town is the perfect secure storage facility for your furniture and belongings!

On a serious note, at Think Secure Self Storage we take security very seriously because we know peace of mind comes from knowing your possessions are completely safe.

We understand it is a really big step when you trust a self-storage company to provide you with storage for your home or office contents, and it is hugely important to know that you are using the most secure option available in and around Cape Town.

Moving your work or personal belongings out to secure storage takes a great deal of trust. Trust in the Storage Company and the reliability of their services to keep your things away from harm and secure from other less scrupulous people.

So, what should you look for when you’ve made that decision to entrust your items to someone else? We’d like to highlight some basic requirements and precautions that any storage company you’re looking at should take.


We are proud to say that at Think Secure we have never had a break in into any of our secure lock up storage units inside our secure buildings, or had any of the boat, vans, bikes, trailers and caravans even move an inch. We have achieved this by installing state of the art security systems including:

  • 24-hour Access-Tag Security Guard Access
  • Access-Tag Log recording access to your space against your account
  • 24 Hour camera surveillance
  • Strategically placed digital CCTV cameras
  • 24-hour security personnel
  • Secured with your own padlock
  • Electrified fencing
  • Regular lock integrity checks
  • Armed response
  • Fire protection

Security has many layers and facets to it, so it is important to have all of these parts working together. Let’s take a closer look at some of these elements

  1. Access Control

Store with confidence knowing that Think Secure Parklands has comprehensive CCTV surveillance with digital recording, and round the clock on site security personnel.

No one else is permitted access to your storage unit area unless they’ve been given permission by you.

Access to your Think Secure Storage Units areas strictly monitored and controlled at all times and unlike traditional self-storage facilities, public access is limited to a designated secure access area, so you don’t have strangers walking near or hanging around near your storage unit let alone being able to access your personal contents secured safely and securely within.

  1. Daily Lock Checks

At Think Secure we undertake lock checks of every lock, every single day. This is a simple and effective practice to deter problems and monitor the condition of the space.

Security systems are obsolete if they do not work. We have a regular regime of system sweeps to reveal faults and problems. Any problems revealed are then rectified.

  1. Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance

Every Think Secure location in Cape Town is equipped with Digital Closed-Circuit Surveillance Systems.  Each camera is strategically placed (mounted) to record all movement in areas of high activity.

These digital recording are securely stored for future access and review if and/or when the need arises.

In addition, all Think Secure Security Systems are regularly monitored to enable swift repair of faults and to ensure that the system is always functioning as it should.

  1. Your own lock and key

You alone have the key to your locked storage unit. Even our staff don’t have a key. When you become a customer, you can purchase a new, sealed lock our Shop or you use your own lock.

  1. Staff on site

We have highly trained staff at all our locations who can spot and react to any suspicious behaviour.

  1. Cleanliness

A tell-tale sign of security is on-site cleanliness. Any self-storage facility that is well looked after in terms of weeds, garbage and maintenance, is far more likely to look after security than one that is in a state of disrepair.

Think Secure takes pride in our clean, safe, and most importantly secure indoor self-storage facilities, and our Parklands facility located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

  1. Reassurance and professionalism

This might not be an obvious security measure, but we regularly review and improve our security measures. We also work closely with the police, fire brigade, and other authorities to make sure our locations meet security regulations.

  1. Fire protection

All our self-storage buildings and units are built to South African Standards and are fitted out to meet the relevant fire codes. They are all insulated and ventilated and undergo regular inspection and maintenance programs. Ongoing Pest control services are also provided to ensure the protection of your goods.

What you can do for security?

  1. Plan security around your unit size

One of the best ways to get the most security out of your storage unit is by planning all your security measures around the type of unit that you have. It is always best to make sure that your high-value items are stowed away towards the rear of your unit and that they are made to look as inconspicuous as possible.

Stacking boxes, furniture or other items, in front of your valuables to make them harder to reach. This ensures that even if a criminal is able to break into your unit, they will have a difficult time gaining access to the things that matter the most.

  1. Get the right lock

As a last resort the lock that is used to restrict access to your storage unit can make or break your security.

As a customer of a storage unit you should always choose locks that hold up against common burglar attacks. This means that you should look for a lock that cannot easily be cut.

In conclusion

There’s something to be said about having your items located in a different location from where you are and moving your things out to storage takes a great deal of trust.

Trust in the Think Secure and the reliability of our security and self-storage services to keep your belongings away from harm and secure from other less scrupulous people.