Personal Storage - Why should you use Self-Storage?

Look around you. See any clutter? If you do, you’re in good company, because as living spaces become smaller and smaller, more South African admit they have a clutter and storage problem. It’s time for a change.

Whether you are a homeowner and in need of a bit of extra space while renovating or moving abroad and need storage for a longer period, there are a lot of reasons why and benefits attached to renting a personal self-storage unit.

Let us walk you through some of them.

  • Ongoing renovation

Renovating a house means you will need to move all your belongings temporary into a storage room or garage, but what if you done have that space and the whole reason for renovation is to create extra space? Then there is all the equipment that will be used especially for the renovation, you can’t possibly change the floors if you still have furniture sitting on it, not to mention painting the walls would be quite a hassle with cabinets and drawers still against them.  

When you are renovating, you need the extra space to move around and make things easier.

A personal self-storage unit provides this for you. You now have more space and area to work around for your renovation. You can use your self-storage as a temporary area for your furniture and decorations whenever a renovation is on its way. 

  • Downsizing

When your kids are all grown up and they have moved out, suddenly your house will seem big with lot of extra space. But what if you want to downsize and you don’t want to get rid of all your furniture or keep it for your children for when they buy their first house?

You can still save this for them in a self-storage unit, this will free up the space of in your new abode.

  • De-clutter

One major reason why people rent out a personal self-storage unit is to store some of the things that have begun to clutter their house. Getting rid of some of your items can be quite a stressful moment, especially if they have sentimental value and if you simply can’t bear to just give them away, then rent out a self-storage and store them there.

  • Hosting a party

Throwing a big do at your house, and don’t want your guests to step over your book collection! Store your precious treasures (that you’d rather store than show off) into a self-storage and keep them safe there. The extra space would also be best for a huge gathering.

  • Selling your house

When you’re trying to sell your house, a decultured, nicely organised and spacious looking home makes it much easier for prospective buyer to see how inviting and homey your house can be and to imagine themselves living in the space.

Letting prospective buyers see your junk and messy furniture can make them go away. Solution?  Get a self-storage for those junk and store everything that you think might not look good for the house.

  • For those who travel

Worried that your belongings will be left without any security, when you move abroad for a new job or go travelling for an extended period? The put them on your storage units. Security is heightened in these facilities and you’ll be at ease that your items are in good hands.

Benefits of Self Storage

Still not 100% convinced you should self-store? Then consider these:

  • Extended Access

You can access your unit whenever you want during business hours and we're happy to arrange after-hours access to meet your needs.

  • Short or long-term lease

You can rent a unit for a short a period as wish, and even month to month, which means you don’t pay for storage when you don’t need it.

  • Security

Security is a big concern, no matter what you store. The think secure premises include 24-hour CCTV monitoring, and on-site security personnel, and only our customers have the keys to their units. We also sell a wide range of locks and packing material.

  • Flexible storage unit sizes and terms

With the great variety of different sized self-storage units to choose from, you will never be limited in your selection. At Think Secure we are also very accommodating and will help you in case you need to move to a smaller unit or a bigger one.

  • You have full access controls

Gone are the days that you have to worry who might come into your room and look into your stuff. All our self-storage units are designed so you can use your own locks. You keep the keys and no one even the staff can get access to your unit.